Food Safety and Haccp

DFK for Safe Food Environment is an affiliated training partner with the leading providers of food safety qualifications, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and the Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS). We offer a suite of accredited food safety courses that are formally recognized both in the UK and across the globe.

Transform your food safety approach. Check out our courses or reach out to us for a bespoke and personnalized training program.

Capacity Building and Training Programs for Diverse Industries

DFK presents a variety of standard and accredited courses on food safety and HACCP. These courses are thoughtfully designed to serve different sectors, including retailers, manufacturers, and agro-processors, as well as catering. Our courses are flexible and can be custom-fitted to meet your specific requirements and candidate preferences.

Convenient In-House Training Solutions

DFK provides in-house training workshops, whether you’re seeking accredited certification or a custom-designed training program. This option is crafted to conserve your resources, save time, and eliminate the hassle of travel. We offer adaptable scheduling to ensure the training sessions are conducted at times that best fit your organization’s agenda.

Tailored Courses for the Food Industry

Our courses are not just personalized but also tailored to align with the unique needs of your business or the food industry at large. We focus on the practical aspects of food operations to deliver the most relevant and impactful training experience.

Plan Ahead for In-House Training

To ensure a seamless training experience, we advise scheduling your in-house training program 4-6 weeks in advance. This allows for thorough preparation and customization of the training to your company’s specific needs.

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