Food Safety Systems

DFK offers a comprehensive non-compromising solutions for food safety!

With increased consumers’ awareness, tightening control over locally produced and imported goods and the complexity of the global market requirements, the overriding food producers’ and food industry concern is the adoption of food safety management systems and ensuring regulatory compliance to maintain business reputation, brand image and manage entry to the international markets.

Whether you are a small sized food business where HACCP may seem to be an over demanding system and cost burden or large businesses and primary producers, DFK offers a comprehensive non-compromising solutions for food safety by helping you develop a system that addresses the basic hygienic requirements and control measures which can be applicable to the size of your operation and can be managed to reduce risks of food poisoning and enhance the compliance levels.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Gap analysis if you are planning for a certification
  • Developing your HACCP manual
  • Developing QMS manual for BRC food standard
  • Bespoke food safety system that meets your need