Providing Professional Help From Farm-to-Fork

Food safety mistakes, whether in the home or commercial settings, can have serious consequences. Food businesses and producers are responsible for complying with food safety requirements and regulations to prevent and reduce food safety hazards.

DFK for Safe Food Environment helps start-ups and well-established food businesses identify the gaps and strategise a comprehensive, cost-effective system cultivating a food safety culture and a sustainable, safe food production.

Food safety and sustainability is more than work for us, it is our concern

DFK for Safe Food Environment is a food safety consulting business and a social enterprise that provides scientific, regulatory, and technical services to food businesses. We take pride in our work to transfer knowledge and assist organizations, public authorities, primary food producers, retailers, catering, food manufacturing and foodservice industry in achieving excellence in compliance levels and the delivery of sustainable, safe and socially responsible food.

With a substantial academic and professional knowledge in food safety and long-standing expertise in food safety, DFK for Safe Food Environment supports start-ups and well-established food businesses to adhere to standards (i.e. GLOBAL GAP, HACCP, BRC Food Safety Standard & GMP) and regulatory requirements, including the US FSMA Preventive Controls rule by developing adequate food safety management systems, designing and offering accredited and customized training programs, and providing auditing services against private and international standards.

Food safety should be a top priority for all actors in the food supply chain. For us, it is a mission. DFK for Safe Food Environment’s mission is to help in reducing foodborne illnesses. We accomplish our mission by educating consumers, promoting science-based information, and advocating better food safety practices. We work with the public sector and with the food industry from farm-to-fork to assist them in adopting a risk-based approach to meet science-based standards.

There is no food security without food safety! We aim to share best practices and knowledge with the agri-food producers and businesses to improve food safety performance and compliance with the legal requirements and international standards.

We intend to partner with the public sector and international organizations for the enhancement of technical capacities and for forging initiatives in building a sustainable and safe supply chain for food and agriculture production.

Training and Capacity Development

Development and delivery of innovative training and methodologies, designing content for training and capacity development programs in various areas of food safety including risk assessment and regulatory compliance for public authorities, development organisations, and donor agencies.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance and consultation services in food process development, food safety management systems, sustainability and quality assurance, EU projects implementations, evaluation and reporting, food research and projects reporting.

Advisory Services

Advisory and assisting services for start-ups and well-established food and agri-food businesses related to labeling and food safety systems requirements.

You Are Few steps Away to Prevent Food Safety Risks Before They Occur!

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