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Food manufacturers or distributors have a legal obligation to comply with the regulations set forth by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and the European Union (EU). Food labeling is not just a legal requirement; it is also a vital tool for consumers to make informed decisions about the food they purchase.

Why Food Labeling Matters?
Ensuring food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, producers, industry, and consumers. By accurately labeling food products, manufacturers and distributors play a crucial role in maintaining food safety and protecting public health.
Compliance with the EU and FDA food labeling regulations is often a prerequisite for accessing the vast EU and US markets, allowing your products to reach a broader audience. Food products that do not meet the labeling requirements may be denied entry into the market or face restrictions on distribution and sale, limiting market opportunities for manufacturers and exporters.
Transparent and accurate labeling builds trust with consumers, fostering brand loyalty.

Food labels provide consumers with essential information about the products they are considering purchasing. This includes details about ingredients, nutritional content, allergens, and more. By correctly following the information provided on food labels, consumers can prevent unnecessary foodborne illnesses and allergic reactions.

Compliance with labeling regulations reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance issues, such as product recalls, enforcement actions, and litigation. By following established labeling requirements, food manufacturers can mitigate legal, financial, and reputational risks associated with non-compliance.

Adhering to the FDA and EU labeling regulations helps protect the reputation and credibility of food brands. Accurate and transparent labeling builds trust with consumers and enhances brand reputation, while non-compliance can lead to negative publicity, loss of consumer trust, and damage to brand reputation.
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  • Confidently sell your food overseas. DFK Food Safety ensures your labels meet the legal requirements of both US and EU markets. Our expert team provides comprehensive assessments to meet regulatory requirements and enhance the marketability of your products.
  • We provide detailed analysis of your product labels to ensure compliance with the EU and FDA regulations, taking into account any specific requirements at country level in the EU.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team: Dr. Faour-Klingbeil, a lecturer in food safety laws and regulations, alongside her extensive network of experts, possesses a profound comprehension of regulatory frameworks spanning both the United States and the European Union.

Comprehensive Analysis: We go beyond the basics, addressing nuances in labeling requirements.

Transparent Process: You will receive a detailed report outlining findings and recommendations.
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