Training & Capacity Development

Internationally Accredited Certifications
in Food Safety and HACCP

DFK for Safe Food Environment is a training center affiliated with the leading providers of food safety qualifications, the Chartered Institute and Environmental Health (CIEH) and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC). We offer a range of accredited food safety courses that are formally recognized in the UK as well as internationally.

DFK offers non-accredited customized training courses and educational programs that can be aimed at all levels of the food and agro-food industry employees to enhance their food safety knowledge and perception of food safety risks and to help them make science-based decisions to ensure compliance.

DFK outreach efforts are also focused on educating consumers on food safety through seminars and group meetings in partnership with the public sector and the local and international organizations.

DFK is also specialized in designing tailor-made training programs prepared for the special clients needs, food operations specifics and to address essential requirements for setting up a safe and sustainable food production.

Using our technical knowledge and scientific expertise in the food sector, we can design special training programs that target different educational levels in your organization that are necessary for resolving various food safety issues that relate to your processing environments and staff needs.

Well-Designed Food Safety & HACCP Training Programs

DFK hosts a variety of public training courses in key geographic locations worldwide.

DFK training courses can be arranged for in-house training and private groups.

DFK provides e-learning training courses to be completed at your own Pace.

Benefits of DFK food safety training

All our programs are carefully prepared to maintain consistency with the current scientific thinking and reflect the latest knowledge in food safety and current regulatory environment.

DFK adopts innovative ways and creates an interactive environment when delivering learning to make what could be perceived as cold theoretical topics rather interesting and practical to encourage learners to apply what they learn. The training programs are supported by up-to-date resources and materials developed by experts, practical examples and integrate mock examination for preparation to the official exams.

  • Developed by food safety experts
  • Delivered by a scientist and certified professional food safety mentor and auditor
  • Flexibility in training delivery
  • Customized training program to clients’ needs
  • Training “on-demand”
  • Ideal for seasonal staff
  • All courses can be run over weekends, evening or half days on clients’ premises