Food Safety Solutions

Well-Designed Food Safety Solutions!

DFK for Safe Food Environment assists you in developing a quality management system that complies with your customer requirements, national legal obligations, HACCP and other third party standards i.e. BRC. We offer a wide range of specialized services:

DFK for Safe Food Environment helps the food businesses to enter the German and the US food market.

DFK for Safe Food Environment offers food safety auditing services and hygiene inspections.

DFK assists food businesses to ensure their food safety systems comply with national and private food safety standards.

Food safety and hygiene standards? Ensure staff compliance with standards.

DFK for Safe Food Environment is a training center affiliated with the leading providers of food safety.

DFK hosts a variety of public food safety and PCQI training courses in key geographic locations worldwide.

DFK training courses can be arranged for in-house training and private groups, focused on various current and emerging aspects of food safety and quality.

DFK provides a range of e-learning training courses in food safety and HACCP.

DFK offers private and public led-instructor online courses to become a PCQI